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We have put together a 15 bottle juice party. This juice party will jumpstart your healing process & balances your chakras to help calm the mind.


You can choose 3 flavors, but I advise everyone to start with Emerald as it will help cleanse your palate & give you the best results.

For 5 days drink three juices a day. Ideally during breakfast and lunch hours and as a snack, or during your busiest times during the day. Yes, you can still eat with your juice but they also work well as a meal replacement.


Happy Juicing,You Got This!


UJ Tha Juice Lady

*All juices here at YGTJ build immune system, clean blood, boost energy & fight cancer!

*All juice orders are sold in 5 day increments of one flavor, in order to experience the best possible outcome that juice has to offer.

15 Bottle Juice Party

$195.00 Regular Price
$170.00Sale Price
First 5 Juices
Second 5 Juices
Third 5 Juices
  • Please add your phone number for delivery day and time.

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