We Got The Juice and so do YOU!

Here at You Got The Juice we are a gateway to healing, and we seek to share this gift with the community of Tulsa. Join us as we take an old beat-up truck and transform it into a beautiful staple of healing and rejuvenation for the Tulsa community.

We seek to show that much like this truck, your life can be transformed allowing you to live up to your full potential in life.

Juice Truck Reno

Coming soon 

Tulsa, OK

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Wanna help?

 We are in need of volunteers to help us accomplish our goals. 

Are you skilled in construction or carpentry? 

Know how to swing a hammer? 

Have you renovated or created a tiny home before? 

Perhaps you would like to donate money? 

No matter which you prefer were grateful for your gift. Tap either link below to get started