Juice Right In

So let me tell you...

Three years ago I accidentally set out on a bomb ass journey to make my world a masterpiece. Lost, I had no idea what that even meant or where to start. I still hadn't even figured out that golden question," What do you want to be when you grow up?." So, I; pandered, wandered, slipped, tripped and dipped, right into a magickal abundant universe. I soon learned every question began with self-discovery. Suddenly, the world was nothing like I was taught it should be. Seeing now with my real eyes, the world became my oyster. I realized that I had to travel a different path if I wanted to create the change I wished to see. I exchanged my anger and frustration for books and research. Knowledge became my power. Taking what seems to be a neverending topsyturvy quest, I, to this day, continue to find Love, abundance, courage, understanding and sound mind during my endeavors. I am beyond excited to share with you what I have divinely stumbled upon and picked up along the way. so, come on in, grab you a juice to sip on and without further ado, I present,

You Got The Juice.

Welcome to the wonderful world of Juice!

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