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Ruby: Be rooted and grounded like the trees.Beet, Love, Orange, Red Bell Pepper, Sweet Potato, Tumeric, Coconut Water.


It’s Ruby baaaaaabee. Stunning isn’t she?

The fiery Ruby Juice captivates the same attributes as the precious Ruby stone.

Stimulating the Base Chakra, increasing vitality & chi; the life-force energy; Mrs. Ruby did not come to play honey. Jumpstart your immune system, boost libido (wink wink), & increase energy & blood flow, with a dash of beet. Is joint pain putting a damper on your day? No worries! Ginger & turmeric are here to take good care of you & boost your bone health while they’re at it. Let’s not forget how handy they handle menstrual cramps; giving you a smoother week when Mother Nature has stopped by for her monthly visit. Look & feel younger with orange & his antioxidant content while he also works on improving your heart health. Lastly, breathe a little easier with the decongestion power of the thick sweet, sweet potato. This veggie combo here, Fuego!

Balances: Root Chakra

Promotes healing in areas of Immune system, Anemia, Congestion/ upper respiratory Arthritis, Digestion, Circulation, Cognitive function, Libido, Inflammation, Anxiety, Depression, Concentration Self-confidence, Self-love, and Passion. Helps you to feel Grounded, Centered, Alive, Healthy, and Trusting.

Stone to study: Ruby

Root chakra work.

Also study: Grounding, and copper


*All juices here at YGTJ help your body's natural ability to build its immune system, clean its blood, boost energy & fight cancer!*

Results may vary

All juice orders are sold in 5-day increments of one flavor, to experience the best possible outcome that juice has to offer.


  • I take pride in the care of my product and customers. If you reach an issue with your product please do not hesitate to email me.

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