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AMETHYST: Release, relax, rejuvenate  Coconut water, red cabbage, red pear, love, sage 


Purple is the color of creation and when your mind is at ease you are able to create and think better.


When the mind is filled with anxiety it is hard to accomplish things, stress am I right! Nonetheless we have been gifted with nature's gems to help relieve some of the earthly whoas. The stomach is the second brain and when out of balance it can create many issues to include clouded thoughts, digestive issues and anxiety, and depression. That is where cabbage and apples get their super powers. Did you know cabbage helps with everything from hangovers, ulcers, enhances gut function to fighting inflammation and strengthening bones. Apples are pretty incredible as well, providing fiber to clean the gut .The soluble fiber in apples may also prevent diabetes by slowing down the absorption of carbohydrates, preventing blood sugar spikes.


Balances: Sacral, and Third eye


Promotes healing in areas of Immune system, Gut, Ulcer, Anemia. Digestion, Circulation, Cognitive function,Inflammation, Anxiety, Depression, Concentration, Self-confidence, Self-love, and Passion. Energetic, Centered, Alive, Healthy, and Trusting.

Stone to study: Ruby

Root & Crown 

Also study: Meditation, frequency and vibration

*All juices here at YGTJ help your body's natural ability to build its immune system, clean its blood, boost energy & fight cancer!*

Results may vary

All juice orders are sold in 5-day increments of one flavor, to experience the best possible outcome that juice has to offer.


*Please consult your doctor before cleansing if you are diabetic, pregnant/nursing, under 18 years of age, or under the continued care of a physician for any reason.




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